Selected Works

Literary essays, memoir, history, bibliography.
Literary History
History of the Bookshelf Told Through the Author's Own Pen-and-Ink Drawings and Commentary
Life Choices
(co-edited with Stephanie Greene) Ancient and Modern Tales and Poems on Choices People Make Along the Road of Life
Book About Books Anthology
Classic and Contemporary Confessions on Living with Books Intensively
Artist's Book
Imaginary Tour of American Painter Albert Pinkham Ryder's Infamous NYC Studio Digs
Poems About Snow Written In Collaboration With Harry Smith
"These essays will interest book lovers in general: the reader, the writer, and the collector. As books are in danger of being supplanted by electronic devices, it is refreshing to read these eloquent tributes that explore what makes books so special."


"In The Romance of the Book, editor Marshall Brooks has assembled a colorful bouquet of writings on the pleasures and rewards of reading, owning, buying, selling, and generally messing about with books. . . . This is an attractively designed book that fits well in the hand. The texture of its printed pages offer a pleasant experience for the fingers and legibility of the text is enhanced by generous leading. Most pleasing of all, however, is the fact the essays contained in The Romance of the Book provide varied and stimulating glimpses of how other readers have explored books."


"The company Brooks gathers around himself—Faith Baldwin, George Eliot, Charles Lamb, Jan Morris, Samuel Pepys, Petrarch, Poe, and Thoreau, among others—make this celebration of the romance of books an ideal bedside companion. . . . This is a handsome, letterpress edition . . ."


". . . I experience recognition reading George Gissing’s 1903 observation that ‘I know every book of mine by its scent, and I have but to put my nose between the pages to be reminded of all sorts of things.’ It is an insight typical of the acute bibliosensitivity represented by The Romance of the Book, edited by Marshall Brooks . . ."

(Norfolk, VA)

Romance of the Book

Published by Birch Brook Press, 1995


Faith Baldwin from "Books"
Max Beerbohm from "Books Within Books"
Thomas Carter from "Memoirs of a Working Man"
Colette from "Looking Backwards"
Thomas Cooper from "The Life of Thomas Cooper"
Bill Costley, "I Always Keep Jeffers Around"
Frederick Douglass from "The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass"
George Eliot from "The Mill on the Floss"
Benjamin Franklin from "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin"
Margaret Fuller from "Autobiographical Romance"
George Gissing from "The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft"
Edmund Gosse, "An Essay in Apology"
Stephanie Greene, "On Giving Books"
William Hazlitt from "On Reading Old Books"
Stewart H. Holbrook, "Library in the Timber"
Leigh Hunt, "My Books"
Gustav Janouch from "Conversations with Kafka"
Walter Jerrold from "An Autolycus of the Bookstalls"
Charles Lamb, "Detached Thoughts on Books & Reading"
Malcolm X & Alex Haley from "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"
Jim McGinn, "Bookstore Bargains"
Henry Miller from "The Books in My Life"
Jan Morris, "Through my Guide-Books"
Samuel Pepys from "The Diary"
Francesco Petrarch "From a Letter"
Edgar Allan Poe from "Marginalia"
Henry Thoreau, "Reading"
Gordon Wilson, "The Bookworm"