Selected Works

Literary essays, memoir, history, bibliography.
Literary History
History of the Bookshelf Told Through the Author's Own Pen-and-Ink Drawings and Commentary
Life Choices
(co-edited with Stephanie Greene) Ancient and Modern Tales and Poems on Choices People Make Along the Road of Life
Book About Books Anthology
Classic and Contemporary Confessions on Living with Books Intensively
Artist's Book
Imaginary Tour of American Painter Albert Pinkham Ryder's Infamous NYC Studio Digs
Poems About Snow Written In Collaboration With Harry Smith
"Brooks and Greene have assembled some of the richest pieces of fiction and poetry about a variety of life's journeys. Contributors range from Columbus' [Ohio] most famous inmate, O. Henry to Sophocles to Edward Abbey to Kate Chopin. Birch Brook specializes in producing quality letterpress editions at a price affordable to all. This volume is well worth every cent."


"The criterion of selection—choices made and actions taken that change the course of personal history—hits home with inherent appeal . . . The letterpress edition—with its restrained cover and type that has punched the pages with gusto—has a fateful charm of its own."


Fateful Choices: Tales Along the Road Taken
(co-edited with Stephanie Greene)

Published by Birch Brook Press, 2001


"The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost
"Disorder & Early Sorrow" by Edward Abbey
"Walking" by Henry Thoreau
"The Kilimanjaro Device" by Ray Bradbury
"Ozeme’s Holiday" by Kate Chopin
"Lilith" by Enid Dame
"The Inferno" by Dante
"On the Bum" by James T. Farrell
"Roads of Destiny" by O. Henry
"The Tunnel" by Pagan Kennedy
"The Man with Apple-Green Eyes" by Vachel Lindsay
"The Roads Into the Country" by Thomas McGrath
"Why Don’t You Use the Trail?" Bern Porter
"The Man Who Keeps on Walking" by Harry Smith
"Oedipus the King" by Sophocles
"The Turning Point of My Life" by Mark Twain
"Song of the Open Road" by Walt Whitman