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Literary essays, memoir, history, bibliography.
Literary History
History of the Bookshelf Told Through the Author's Own Pen-and-Ink Drawings and Commentary
Life Choices
(co-edited with Stephanie Greene) Ancient and Modern Tales and Poems on Choices People Make Along the Road of Life
Book About Books Anthology
Classic and Contemporary Confessions on Living with Books Intensively
Artist's Book
Imaginary Tour of American Painter Albert Pinkham Ryder's Infamous NYC Studio Digs
Poems About Snow Written In Collaboration With Harry Smith
For Light, Pinky had a single gas flame by which he used to carefully examine his works-in-progress . . .

This artist's book takes you on an imaginary tour of American painter ALBERT PINKHAM RYDER'S infamous NYC studio digs, paying fun, irreverent, homage to the gifted "first citizen of the moon" (as Pinky was so aptly described by poet-painter Marsden Hartley).

A Visit to Pinky Ryder's Artist's Edition

A Visit to Pinky Ryder's

A Visit to Pinky Ryder's

Trade Edition
Published by The Smith, 1995
ISBN 1-882986-18-0

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