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Arts End Books is the publishing imprint of Marshall Brooks. For over 25 years, Arts End has published high-quality books of lasting literary merit by a wide range of writers and poets. Interested readers can learn more about Arts End titles, past, present and future, by sending us an e-mail or writing: Arts End Books, POB 441, W. Dover, VT 05356 USA.

Arts End Books

Arts End also maintains The Smith backlist of over 50 titles by this important independent press founded in 1964. Contact us for further information as to available titles.

Do not miss out on MENKE, THE COMPLETE POEMS OF MENKE KATZ, The Smith's grand publishing finale. Available for $35 directly through Arts End. (The book, of course, can be also ordered through Amazon.com, but you will help the publishing cause more if you order directly through us.) MENKE is a publishing triumph. Replete with introduction by Dovid Katz, maps, photos, a preface by publisher Harry Smith, and 900+ pages long, this book is an absolute must have for all of Menke's friends and readers.